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2019 State Conference Presentations

From Humbly Surviving to Positively Thriving - How to Leverage Earned-Income Business Strategy

Stacey Falk

Stacey Falk

Stacey Falk is the Executive Director at the Elkhorn Public Schools Foundation. She oversees all of the Foundation's business operations. Prior to joining the Foundation in 2012, Stacey worked at Union Pacific Railroad and served on several non-profit committees in the Omaha metro community. Over the past 7 years, Stacey and her team have introduced new programs and fundraising events, expanded the Foundation's before and after school childcare program, and grown the Foundation's donations and donor base. The foundation recently celebrated their one-year anniversary of opening their new Foundation office and Elkhorn Alumni Center. Stacey and her husband, Kevin, live in Omaha. They have 2 sons who have all attended Elkhorn Public Schools.