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Membership Application

Application & Renewal 2023-2024

Purpose Statement:

The Nebraska Association of Public School Foundations exists to strengthen the impact of school foundations in Nebraska for the students and educators they serve. Through public awareness and advocacy, the sharing of best practices, adherence to high ethical standards of philanthropy and the encouragement of deep public private partnerships, NAPSF will elevate and support school foundations as they provide options for communities to come into closer partnership with their schools.

NAPSF Membership Benefits:

  • All NAPSF Members are also members with full benefits of the National Association of Education Foundations.
  • Monthly (or as appropriate) e-communication which will include access to training and networking events, as well as other pertinent information
  • Resources for collaboration and collective impact
  • Full access to webinar offerings
  • Annual national conference discounts
  • Regional workshop discounts
  • Access to consulting services from NAEF and NAPSF experts and other national leaders
  • Access to resources for best practices and ethics
  • Regional training opportunities for professional development
  • Access to a talent bank for school districts and school foundations. The talent bank will include seasoned professionals in the field that would offer advice, best practices, and share successes.

NAPSF Membership Levels

based on annual income of Education Foundation:

  •     $100 annual fee ($50,000 or less income)
  •     $200 annual fee ($50,001 - $100,000 income)
  •     $300 annual fee ($100,001 - $250,000 income)
  •     $400 annual fee ($250,001 - $999,999 income)
  •     $500 annual fee ($1,000,000 income or more)

Membership dues are based on a school-year from Sept. 1 to Aug. 31