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2019 State Conference Presentations

From Humbly Surviving to Positively Thriving - How to Leverage Earned-Income Business Strategy

Sara Alig-Martin

Sara Alig-Martin

Born and raised a mid-west farm girl... Her mother comes from a long line of public-school teachers and administrators with 40+ years of service herself; Sara’s father spent 15 years leading small community school boards through consolidations when he wasn’t on a tractor or herding cattle. Mrs. Martin earned a BS in Education degree from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2002. Community-first ideals and strong work ethic learned from her small agricultural neighborhood experiences led Sara to a career in the nonprofit sector. She’s served numerous Boards as Director while helping create sustainable funding structure for non-profit work. Sara is currently Executive Director for the School District 145 Foundation for Education and has served our Nebraska Association of Public School Foundations Board since its inception.