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2017 NAPSF Conference

Special Events & Marketing

Stacey Selk

Stacey Selk

Stacey joined the Elkhorn Public Schools Foundation in November of 2015. With an extensive media and sales background, she has applied her knowledge to spread awareness about the Foundation and its mission through a wide range of marketing tactics and growth in the event arena. As part of her job, she develops, coordinates and implements all of the Foundation’s marketing strategies and practices. She is also responsible for the planning, promotion and logistical details of the Foundation’s events. A key part of the marketing tactics at the Foundation is identifying target markets and promoting the Foundation's services and needs to these markets, thereby attracting potential donors and supporters. Events play a huge role in this, and with her help, the Foundation’s event arsenal has grown the last few years. Each event that the Foundation holds is uniquely targeted towards a key program or need that the Elkhorn Public School District faces. Through collaboration with the school district, staff members and the community, the Foundation has seen a 164% increase in net event revenue since Stacey has joined the team. Stacey and her husband Steve, a business teacher and coach at Elkhorn South High School, have a son Jackson and look forward to him growing up in the Elkhorn community.