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2017 NAPSF Conference

Building Attractive Hometowns

Jeff Yost

Jeff Yost

Jeff Yost is the President and CEO of the Nebraska Community Foundation (NCF), which is heralded as a national model for empowering community leadership to build and sustain their hometowns. Yost joined NCF in 1998 and became President and CEO in 2003. In the past ten years, NCF and its affiliated funds have grown 18 percent annually, with total assets now exceeding $130 million. NCF is achieving mission fulfillment through its statewide network of 219 affiliated funds led by 1,500 volunteer community leaders. NCF’s model – a grassroots approach to community development by building on local assets – has been featured in many publications, including The New York Times, The Chronicle of Philanthropy and Nonprofit Quarterly. Yost is asked to speak frequently at numerous conferences and seminars and has worked and taught throughout North America and internationally in Asia, Europe, Africa and Australia.