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NSFA Webinar: NSFA Standards and Principals

*Free Webinar  | March 25, 2020 | 1:00 PM EDT | Register Today.

Join Robin Callahan and Wendy Van DeLaCastro for a webinar about the newly adopted NSFA Standards and Principles announced at the 2020 National Conference, held in Philadelphia. These principles and practices are designed to guide growth and to maximize impact of education foundations. All foundations operate upon a continuum in the “pursuit of excellence.” The guidance included herein no way implies that organizations who are unable to meet all of the standards are in any way deficient. Rather, the Principles and Practices are intended to serve as a guide to help foundation boards, executive directors, foundation staff, school boards, and superintendents inform decisions at every stage of their journey that will enable them to grow.

Please note that the webinar will begin at 1:00 p.m. EST.

About the Speakers

Wendy Van DeLaCastro
Task Force Chair

Wendy is the President of the Foundation for Lincoln Public Schools, which serves over 42,000 students and 65+ campuses. She is the Former President of the Nebraska Association of Public School Foundations.  She has served as the chair of the National School Foundation Association Best Practices Task Force where she has gathered the insights of national leaders in education foundation development. The findings of this task force were compiled into the National School Foundation Association Guiding Principles and will serve the industry as a foundation for growth and excellence. Wendy has over 20 years of non-profit fundraising experience in family focused causes like domestic violence, substance abuse, child abuse and education. Her passion for supporting children and families is based on three principles, educating the community, de-stigmatizing the realities of those in need and shifting the paradigm of those who have the resources to make a difference in our community. 


Robin Callahan, CEFL, CFRE

Robin has worked to strengthen communities and ensure students in K-12 public education have access to equitable educational opportunities since 1998 – first as the Executive Director of the Issaquah Schools Foundation from 2002-2016 then as the Executive Director of the National School Foundation Association from 2016-2019. She was a founding member and co-convener of the Washington Public Schools Foundation Network.

Prior to leading NSFA, she served on the National Advisory Board of the American School Foundation Alliance (ASFA).  She is passionate about the power of networks and collaborative learning – becoming part of the first CEFL cohort in 2014, spearheading the development of NSFA’s Industry Leadership Council, NSFA’s Large Urban Foundation Focus Group and working with Wendy Van DeLaCastro and a dedicated task force to develop NSFA Guiding Principles and Proven Practices.

Focusing on sustainable growth and programmatic impact, she has worked with countless boards and non-profit leaders across the county to build their capacity - leading strategic planning sessions, facilitating board retreats, mentoring new executive directors and providing training on governance and fundraising. 

As VP of Philanthropic Services for the Greater Tacoma Community Foundation, she serve as a connector and a builder – leading a team to connect families and individuals to organizations and causes they care about, helping to build the long-term sustainability of non-profits through endowments, and assisting individuals and families in creating their philanthropic legacy. She sees evidence every day that together we can do so much more than any one of us can do alone.