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NSFA Webinar: Be Found - The Secrets of SEO

Be Found - The Secrets of SEO

Free* Webinar

Tuesday, November 7th, 2017

1:30pm - 3pm CST

Everyone wants to be found. Your website is no exception. In this session we will share best practices of nonprofits that are experts at driving traffic to their websites and review the tools you should use to maximize your findability. We will cover the basics of search engines, why they matter, the tools every nonprofit should use, and our 6 steps to mastering the SEO: (1) Keyword research (2) Website optimization (3) Link building (4) Fresh content (5) Landing pages and (6) Analytics.

Jay Wilkinson is a lifelong entrepreneur and longtime business owner. He sits on the board of several nonprofits and is an avid supporter of programs that provide leadership and enrichment programs for America’s youth. He speaks regularly on the topic of nonprofits and the web throughout the United States. He has appeared on CNN and other news outlets discussing how emerging technologies are shaping our future and is considered a leading authority on the impact of marketing on the web for nonprofits.

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